Braised beer duckie

I’m like thinking, what’s a balanced wholesome meal for the family today? OK let’s see what’s available! There’s a promo on duckie today. Alright let’s go grab a duckie and create something good, palatable that will fill the stomachs and also be nutritional. Here goes -.

1) Go buy the duckie! It’s about 1.8 kg.@ S$9.90/.  Clean it,  cut off the head, webbed feet n visible fats.

Cleaned duckie


2) Go get some pandan leaves, kiffir lime leaves n bay leaves from garden – (Optional items). I’ll just stuff these into the stomach of duckie.

Ginger slices, star anaise n can of beer are necessary! Here goes –




3) Added 3 tbs of dark soya sauce n 1 tbs of sugar n 2 cans of water. Here goes –

Got almost all ingredients!

4) That’s it! Into the oven – at 220 degrees for 1 hour each side. Breast facing down first. After 1 hour, turn over duckie to briase other side.

Breast side done, turn over for next hour

5) 5 easy steps, 5 main ingredients – yummy lunch is ready! Brup brup – I can brup abit of that beer gas. Light, fragrant n tasty. Oh yeah!





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