Fried bee hoon n roasted chick

It’s Sunday today – a day of rest, hooray! Since I’ve a mj appt 11-6, what is mj? My kids call it piano lessons, ha-ha, it a game of tiles with 4 players – got it? Of course, it’s m-a-h-j-o-n-g. So like a project manager, my meals plan is bee hoon lunch n roasted chicken dinner. It’s also what’s available in the fridge n here goes:-

Roasted chick preparation

1) Prep the chick – clean, marinate, decide on method of cooking. Also since I shall be fully consumed at the mj table, I shall offload the cooking part to? – next in line. Of course it’s hubby ha-ha. Well, it’s a no brainier, at about 4pm just shaft the chick n vegs into the oven, at about 200 degrees for 45 mins each side. No sweat!

Cleaned n butterfly cut


Marinated with sea salt, tumeric, pepper, fish sauce


Veg to be roasted – sweet potatoes, eggplant, carrot, pepper


Beehoon prep

2) As planned, lunch is beehoon, all in a wok – so they can dish n help themselves whenever they wanna eat on this lazy day! I shall make it meat less, just more veg n fish cakes since they r readily available in the fridge. Here goes :-




3)Start with the omelet,  dish out for later use.




4) Fry chopped onions till fragrant, then carrots n sliced fish cake.




5)Also sliced shiitake mushrooms together with water used to soak mushrooms. I added chicken stock with the beehoon.




6) And lots of choy sum n finally strip the omelet onto the beehoon. That’s it – A wok of beehoon for the family.  Oh yeah!



















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