A leap day dish

So – how should I make today memorable? After all it’s a leap day – coming only once in 4 years. Plus, its a monday – & to kickoff the week with an easy wholesome rich meal. On 29 Feb today, I present this irresistible simple dish

Steamed cod fish


1) Wash, pat dry cod fish with paper towel. Place onto a dish usable to steam.


Washed towel dry cod pieces

2) As cod fish is rich with omega3, buttery n inherently smooth tasting, I didn’t want to further “enrich” so I topped with the simplest available, slices of ginger, garden fresh dill n light soya sauce n drips of seasame oil. Done sparingly to enhance taste but also to take away fishy smell.



Topped with ginger slices, fresh dill n light soya sauce n dashes of seasame oil


3)Steam in boiling water for about 10 mins. I used a wok big enough to house that plate of cod fish and see through cover. Once the color changes opaque – it’s ready!



Steaming merrily! 💃💃


4) Serve hot – that’s it! A warm buttery melt in your mouth mouthfuls of goodness!!🎉🎉🎉



5) Oh yeah! – the family commented “eh why ah? This cod fish is really tasty – no fishy smell n so delicious”! OK made my day!


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