Inspired dish 2

Fish – Steamed or Pan fried

The highlight of a typical 10 course Chinese style wedding menu is the Fish dish (it’s just my humble opinion) n the way its done reflects on Host’s standard of food choice.  So at this recent wedding lunch the Fish dish we had was perfect! Fresh, tender n simply sauced, that’s exactly my wish of a fish dish.


IMG_20160227_133857Hong Kong style grouper @ wedding


Back home, I am inspired to replicate this for the family. I’ve tried many times to do so! My previous attempts :-


Steamed seabass (barramundi)


1) Its hard work in ready-ing the Fish. The cleaning is most cumbersome



The Fish seller didn’t do a complete job of cleaning.


2) Steaming is easy, but I kinda took an easier way out today by lightly pan fry. Here goes:-


I had salted n peppered the Fish earlier.


3) I’d just serve it without any sauce. I knew good fish would be naturally tasty n I’m so right! It was yummy.



4) Job done – oh yeah!



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