Inspired dishes

I recently attended a wedding n was inspired to replicate a few dishes for kids to try at home. I am sure it will not be beautiful as served in Asia’s voted best hotel  but the taste should about there, I hope. Let’s start!


Shark’s fin soup – faux

1) I actually have real shark’s fins bought from Hainan Island years ago but I know my kids had vowed not to eat shark’s fins forever. My choice would be to replicate imitation shark’s fins. Here goes :-



Chicken broth, shiitake mushrooms, black fungus, crab sticks, tang hoon, chicken slices

2)Ingredients include chicken slices, sliced n soaked shiitake mushrooms, sliced black fungus, tang hoon (bean vermicelli), crab sticks sliced, chicken broth, eggs beaten n corn starch.



3) Quantity of ingredients is flexible but order of making soup is such –

i) cook chicken slices in chicken broth first, then

ii) add sliced shiitake mushrooms,

iii)black fungus,

iv)tang hoon cut into inch length

v) shredded crabsticks

vi) swirls in beaten egg

vii) corn starch with cold water mixture



A pot of shark’s fin soup faux ready to serve


4) That’s not too difficult, n its ready to serve! Enjoy – Shark’s fins soup faux – Oh yeah! 







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