Squid ink pasta

Today’s dinner is unique –  the ingredients are unique,  whatever is available from my small garden, like sour grapes that haven’t been harvested at all, are being used for the first time.

Small sour grapes have never been harvested



Sour grapes in place of cherry tomatoes.

1) Squid ink pasta, you either love or hate it! I had eaten this in Watten estate once sometime ago. N also it’s raved in Italian chains n since I’ve the ingredients n made this years ago, I’ll try it again. Here goes:-




2) Typically, the recipe for pasta, it’s 100 gm flour n 1 large egg per person. Since I preparing for 4 small eaters, I’ll use 300gms flour n 3 eggs n 1 tablespoon of Squid ink.




3) Add 1 teaspoon of salt into eggs n beat together with Squid ink. Pour egg mixture into flour to make into dough.



4) Make into dough, if it’s too try, add 1 tablespoon water, if too wet, dust more flour.



5) Roll into pasta maker, for this time, I used no.4 thickness n cut into fettuccine.


6) Hang up b4 boiling. Excess can be frozen to be used next time.



7) For sauce, I’m using salmon, n ingredients available like sour grapes, garlic, basil leaves, dill, tomato ketchup n chicken stock


8) Boil pasta till al-dente.





9) Prepare sauce.



10) Start plating.

Pasta with salmon fillets


11) Add sauce n Squid ink pasta is served :- Oh yeah!








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