Green curry chicken

Its dinner time again, we had the option of eating out, buying in or cook in. I have a lingering sour tasting crave – the distinct lemon grass, kaffirr lime leaves aroma makes me hungry for lemony curry – immediately I thought of green curry n began to assemble whatever ingredients I have in the fridge.

1) Would have wanted to use Asian eggplant, but the nearest that I have is wongbok left over since Chinese new year. I’ll add in some tomatoes for color n sweetness. Here goes:-

Ingredients assembled


2) Chop up the chicken n vegs. Fry some oil in the wok n use about 2 tablespoon of curry paste to coat the chicken pieces. Fry the chicken pieces with curry paste till fragrant.


3) Add a bit of water so as to prevent chicken from burning.


4) Let it simmer n cook through the chicken.



4) Add in the coconut milk.


5) Refill the box with water n rinse the coconut milk box of all the leftover suntan.

Almost there – coconut milk done


6) Add in cabbage.


7) Add in the tomatoes.


8) Simmer it for a while.


9) Done n ready to serve.Goes well with steamed rice, yummy!









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