Fish beehoon soup

After awhile, we long for clear soupy dish that’s slurpy, all in one, easy to cook, non oily, nutritional n easy to eat. For this, I’m thinking of clear fish noodles soup. It’s widely available in hawker’s center for a reasonable price. However, home cooked fish noodles soup beats hands down those available outside. Here goes:-

1) You can control the ingredients at home. Since I have red snapper fish fillet, tofu, bokchoy, fish balls n beehoon handy, I shall combine all into delicious, easy on the stomach, heartwarming Monday dinner.


2) Ginger pairs well with fish, I shall slice the ginger into thin pieces n slice the red snapper fillet into bite size.  Also, I will additionally use the fish role that came with the fish.


3) Boil n dish out the beehoon into serving bowls. Also scald the bokchoy n add on top of beehoon.


4) Fish balls take longest to cook, then add tomatoes into pot of soup. Add these to soup to boil in this sequence -ginger,  fish balls, tomatoes, fish role, tofu n fish slices. I added bit of ikan bilis powder to stock.


5) At this stage, you may want to add milk (or non sweetened soya beans juice – for those allergic to milk).  For tonight, I shall just have clear soup.



6) Add hot soup when serving.



7) A yummy all in one bowl of fish noodles soup. Slup, slurp…oh yeah!





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