Fish head curry

After a weekend of “university shopping” – literally visiting campuses n engaging Professors in seeking the most suitable course n education facilities for my youngest son, I decided to reward ourselves this Monday noon with a spicy n appetising fish head curry with plain rice.

1) Ingredients include :- Fish head, curry powder, Assam (tamarind) juice. Optional coconut milk, for vegetables I used eggplants, ladies fingers (okra) n long beans n tomatoes.


2) Make Assam juice by adding water n squeezing the pulps. Assam is essential to uplift the tangy sour taste. Notice the small pack of coconut cream – unlike meat curries, I intentionally use lesser coconut cream. The highlight to me should be the combi of curry powder with Assam juice.


3) Like meats, I like to “brown” the Fish head. So when the oil in the wok is heated up, I like to pan fry the Fish head lightly. This is to erase the fishy smell n also to not have simmer too later.


4) In the wok, add curry powder to Fish head. Fry till fragrant, add Assam juice to prevent burning.


5) Add vegetables, in this order of eggplant, then ladies fingers n long beans n finally tomatoes. My order is based on longest to cook first in n easiest to cook last.


6) Let it simmer abit, then add coconut cream.


7) When bubbles start popping, off fire and Fish head curry is ready.


8) A wok of fish head curry is ready for serving.


9) Dish n eat with plain rice. Yummy!
























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