Chicken pie

Mini chicken pot pies

It’s weekend soon, n we’re going swimming this afternoon – how about some snacks that fit the occasion. N if there are leftovers, we’ll use as meals on the next day.

Totally forgot to bring mini pot pies to the swimming pool

Alright mini chicken pot pies sound great. It’s been a long time since we’ve had home made pies. Pies are another versatile dish, it can be another wholesome fulfilling meal, u could include any meat, fish n vegetables.   Here goes

1) Ingredients –  boneless chicken thigh, chicken stock, onions, potatoes, corn, green peas, carrots, puff pastry, cream, butter, mushrooms …


2) Cube the chicken, potatoes, carrots n onions. Fry the onions in butter n add in chicken cubes. Fry till almost cooked.



3) Add in chicken stock, then potato n carrots cubes. Simmer till soft. Add rest of mixed vegetables.



4) Add in cream, n let it simmer for a while. Then add in corn floor mixture to thicken the stew.



5) I also added some cheese cut up to effect the creamy gluey feel. Cut pastry to roughly fit the top of pie container.



6) Fill till top with chicken stew n cover with sheet of pastry.


7) I used a pincher to make decorations on the pastry.


8) Egg wash every pie.


9) Into the oven for 15mins at 190C degrees. As my oven is uneven, I turn the tray once at 10 mins.

Pies ready for consumption💏💏


10) Started to serve – it’s yummy!

Creamy crispy pie served warm




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