Yong tau foo

“Wow yong tofu again! “

– exclaimed my kids, this dish is a winner with the family. Many times, when we’re out, it’ll be choosing to eat this dish. Deemed healthier, n tasty it can eaten carbs free. You could choose just vegetables assortment, eg eggplants, bitter gourd, shiitake mushrooms, okra (ladies fingers), tomatoes, capsicum etc, or tofu range. Typically it’s hand made, filled with fish paste, or minced meat or combi of both. Today it shall be yong tau foo lunch.


1) Ingredients :- u could be as creative as u wish, essentially fish paste or  minced pork, since i have both, it shall be combi of the 2. I added chopped onions to minced pork seasoned with fish sauce n pepper. The fish paste is already salted so I need not add any more salt.


2) Wash n cut veg. So here is where creativity is needed. You would slit or cleavage the veg so as to create space to fill the fish paste/minced meat in. Eg for eggplants, u diagonally slit so as to ‘sandwich’ the paste in between. N for capsicum, shiitake mushrooms, ‘cleavage’ n sit a dollop of paste on it.


notice the ‘slits’ in okra, n ‘cleavage’in tofu to be filled with paste



3) Lots of versatility now, – u could steam, deep fry, boil the yong tau foo at this stage. In Melbourne, it’s sold with laksa gravy in Malaysian restaurants. There’s a famous hand made ikan bilis yong tau foo in Singapore Chinatown that the family frequents.

Ikan bilis yong tau foo from Chinatown Singapore, family’s favorite


4) Today,  I shall pan fry them all. Here goes:-


5) Ready to serve, you could eat it on its own or with noodles in soup or with rice porridge! Enjoy💏💏💏!!



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