White rice porridge

What is there to write about white rice porridge?  An OZ mate would exclaim :- “Eeks – u have porridge for breakfast, lunch n dinner”? He thinks porridge is oats porridge. Yeah, my recent Taiwan trip, it WAS served during b/f, lunch n din. How boring! Oh well, it’s anything but boring n I didnt die, ha-ha. About dying, Asians eat porridge when they’re sick cas its easily digestible or as a comfort food to soothe their stomachs as alternative to rich heavy food.

IMG_20151111_122113.jpgplain white rice porridge is anything but boring

It’s one of the most creative, versatile n enlightening food available. U cld pair it with the most spicy, mildest, freshiest, tastiest side dishes or add sweet potatoes into the porridge or cook with tasty broth n turn it into congee like the Cantonese.

IMG_20160310_123157.jpgspicy tofu tempeh dish pairs wonderfully with plain porridge


Pairs with freshest fish.

1) To cook white rice porridge, measure 1cup of white rice padi, rinse it. Then add 3 to 4 cups water. Cook on high heat till boiling, then lower fire to  a gentle simmer to how grainy or mashy u wish it to be. The longer, the more mashy. However, if it’s too thick, u cld add boiled hot water to make it slurpy (or soupy). It’s all very versatile, to your liking.


white rice porridge paired with fried fish, red spinach n yong tau foo.

2) One might think it’s a no brainer to cook white porridge, but this true story happened to Yours Truely sometime ago during my previous life as a busy executive n had never stepped into the kitchen depending totally on lived in maids n helpers. One fine day, I went into the kitchen to cook white rice porridge, lo n behold – I burnt the whole pot! It was true n had not told anyone so far cas it’s really embrassing. U know now, it’s been a great learning curve n I’m proud to say I don’t burn white rice porridge then onwards.


White porridge with salmon belly.IMG_20151111_122058-COLLAGE.jpg

White porridge with makerals n spinach

3) With great respect towards white rice porridge, the challenge now would be to go cook it for your loved ones. Cheerio – enjoy n have fun!!




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