It’s a normal day, no special celebrity dish but I’m looking for challenges, some excitement n thrill to everyday cooking. I’ve already taken (batang) fish steak out, n some pork ribs from the freezer. So to make it more interesting for myself I decided to cook lunch n dinner simultaneously. Here goes :-

Sweet sour fish lunch


Braised pork ribs dinner

1) Ingredients for sweet sour fish.


2) Ingredients for braised pork ribs.
Pork ribs, Hoisin sauce, ginger slices, onions, carrots,long beans

3)Wash and pat dry fish, sprinkle salt n pepper.

Batang fish steaks sprinkled with salt n pepper


4) Boiling water to scald pork ribs to rid scums.


5) Pan fry fish steak.

Batang fish steak pan fried
6) Brown pork ribs to seal in the juice

Brown pork ribs
7) Fish steaks done. Plate up.
Boiled some water to scald bokchoy.
Plate up.
Bokchoy scalded, now make sauce for topping

Fish steaks topped with tomatoes, onion n tamarind lime sauce

8) Marinate pork ribs with Hoisin sauce. 
Ready for braising. 
Add ginger slices n onion slices.

Ribs with Hoisin sauce
9) Prepare sweet sour sauce using lime juice, 
tamarind paste, water, n 1/2 teaspoon sugar. 
Add chopped onions n sliced tomatoes. 
Boil together n serve on top of fish.
Fish steaks topped with tomatoes, onion n tamarind lime sauce 

10) Serve lunch whilst pork ribs are braising in claypot.

Lunch is ready!

11) Lower the fire n continue to gently briase pork ribs for 1 hour.



12) Add carrots first to the braised pork ribs, after 1/2 hour off fire n add in long beans.

Collage of braised pork ribs ready to serve


13) Dinner is ready, and will be served later during dinner time.


14) Multitasking has its merits in this case, as I could prepare both lunch n dinner simultaneously as intended pork ribs needed time to braise. I started preparing around 12pm, lunch was ready by 1. Dinner continued to braised till 2pm n was served at 7pm.  Enjoy – sweet sour fish lunch n braised pork ribs dinner! Cheers🏃🏃🏃



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