Milky fish head beehoon

It’s a simplified version, the short cut route to milky fish head beehoon. It’s using non sweetened soya milk as some family members have been discovered to be lactose intolerant. Here goes :-

1) Ingredients used :- threadfin fish head, tail n fish steaks.  Bokchoy, ginger, pandan leaves, tomatoes, sesame oil, pepper, ikan bilis stock powder.


2) Beehoon, I’m using thick fresh Beehoon. The beehoon has been boiled n dished in bowls for easy plating later. Thin, dried Beehoon will do as well. Notice, a cup of unsweetened soya milk, although evaporated milk is normally used, or fish bones could be boiled for a long time turning the stock white for those who prefer pure authentic fish stock.


3) Lightly pan fry to “brown” the fish so as to eradicate fishy smell.  Also to half cook the fish so that it will cook faster during the boiling stage ( see step 4).


4) Set aside half cooked fish. Using the same frying pan, start to prepare the stock.  I’ve added ikan bilis powder, ginger, some chilli n white part of spring onion into making the stock. When stock is boiling, add in those previously pan fried fish parts. Once the soup bubbles up, dish up the fish parts, so as to not overcook the fish.


5) The cooked fish parts can now be dished up n added on top of the Beehoon. Notice there’s Martell liqour n sweet corn on some bowls. Both items are optional. Depending on your liking, you could add a tablespoon of whiskey into the Beehoon. 😍😍


6) After fish parts have been dished up, you could start adding other vegetables such as tomatoes n Bokchoy into the soup. You can add in the soya milk too.


7) After a few minutes (3 mins), you can dish up the vegetables n soup onto the Beehoon. Milky fish head Beehoon is ready to serve. Enjoy! Yum-yum in our tum-tum! 😄😄😄





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