Passion & drama

Khmer banana passion fruit dessert

I was just taking a short break in Johor Iskandar region, n had just plucked some passion fruits from a friend’s garden, it immediately triggered a recall of what the family did whilst visiting Siem Reap – we cooked a very passionate n dramatic dessert, I shall call it Khmer banana passion fruit dessert.


A floating home in river Siem Reap

1) Ingredients used :- some small sweet bananas, 3 passion fruits, some honey, coconut milk, some butter n some fruit liqueur ( 2 tablespoon rum).


2) Melt some butter in a frying pan.

IMG_20150321_133930.jpgmelt dollop butter in frying pan

2) Peel bananas out of skin, twirl the bananas in pan over the fire.


3) After twirling bananas for awhile, take the pan away from the fire n cautiously pour the bit of fruit liquor onto side of pan. Please be cautious at this step, do NOT hold the liquor in the hand, for it can catch fire, but cautiously pour a bit into the side of pan away from the fire.


4) Now, flambé the bananas in pan. This step causes some drama in the cooking process. It is optional, doesn’t really add extra flavor. Please take extra caution that kids are not around, use only abit of liquor so  that the flame will burn out in just a while.

IMG_20150321_134032flambeing the bananas

4) The alcohol will burn out, n the flame will die off, leaving the flambed bananas. Continue twirling carefully till flame die.


5) Pour in passion fruit, honey n coconut milk.


6) Continue frying for a while till liquid reduced.



6) This bitter (from alcohol), sweet (from honey), sour (from passion fruit), naturally rich (fried bananas) dramatic but balanced dessert is ready for serving. You might want to try this for the Good Friday weekend. Cheers! Yum yum in our tum tum. Hic hic hic from the alcohol.




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