White bee hoon


Sonny is enlisting in national service soon, let’s cook food that he might not get to eat in the army barracks. How about something called white Beehoon? Let’s try n see if he’ll like?


Multi colored Bougainville in a single plant? How is it possible?

White beehoon 🤔🤔🤔

1) Ingredients available at home :- Surely Beehoon, choy sim, eggs, prawns, minced meat, crab meat, garlic n ginger.


Keep the prawn shells for gravy.

2) Prepare the ingredients :- unshell the prawns, chop garlic, chop ginger, season the meat with fish sauce, pepper, season shelled prawns with a teaspoon sugar. Cut up vegetables n wash thoroughly. Soak the Beehoon.

IMG_20160402_120614soak Beehoon, season minced pork with fish sauce, pepper. Shell the prawns n season with sugar. Cut n wash choy sim. Chopped garlic, ginger.

3) Simmer the prawn shells with ginger slices in water to be used as broth later.

IMG_20160402_115604.jpgprawn shells with ginger skin being boiled to make broth

4) In a wok, fry the minced pork first with chopped ginger. When cooked, add in prawns n fry till pink. Dish out for later use.

IMG_20160402_121503.jpgprawns n minced meat fried to be dished out for later use

5) In the same wok, additional oil, fragrant the chopped garlic, add in crab meat n then beehoon. In order to not burn the ingredients in the wok, sieve in the prawn broth cooked earlier. Let the Beehoon soak in the broth.



6) Start to plate up to free the wok to cook the gravy.

IMG_20160402_123404.jpgplating the Beehoon soaked with prawn broth


7) In the empty wok, sieve in rest of prawn broth, beat an egg to make egg drop in the broth, add in minced pork n prawns dished out earlier.



8) Once boiled, dish onto the plated Beehoon to serve. White Beehoon ready for serving. Here goes :-

White Beehoon ready for serving



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