Eating value

When in Melbourne, visit QV market


So we’ve just landed, n there’s not much in the fridge. Oh well, since QV market is opened, just hop in. I headed straight to my favorite fish monger stall n he offered (pushed) 4 fish heads, 2 Spanish makerals n 2 barramundi for $10/, hugh heads tho. N I grabbed them with tinge of regret. Who wanna just feed on fish heads for rest of visit? Uh 😂😂😅😅

Fish heads


I quickly bought some vegs that would pair well with fish heads, such as ginger, tomatoes, capsicum n leeks.


Doesn’t look v appetising but they taste REALLY gooood!!


The freshness n the thick fish meat tasted 1st class – only those who appreciate fish choose to eat fish head, somehow sucking the bones make it all tastier. This lunch meal of half a fish head each costed about  A$1.25/- per person n it was protein n omega 3 rich. We didn’t need any carbs, n it lasted us thru the day, choosing some grapes, wine n cheeze at dinner.


It’s barramundi for next day n I’ve assembled n readied the accompanying Ingredients.

IMG_20160415_101845.jpgfrying tomyam paste with chopped ginger till fragrant


sauteed fish heads in tomyam ginger oil, then add some boiled water to pan, “steam” the fish head by covering the pan, meaning let the steam from boiling water cook the fish.


Add in vegs – chopped leeks (white part), tomatoes, capsicums.

IMG_20160415_105420.jpgbarramudi heads ready to serve


Dressed with fresh coriander – A$2.50 barramundi fish head meal.



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