Portobello bf

Bf as in breakfast, not boyfriend, so on this lazy morning in Melbourne, decided on a portobello mushroom bf. Based on availability, this menu is easy n affordable.


To clean the mushrooms, use just a piece of tissue paper to wipe the mushrooms, never water to wash as you’d want to retain the nutritional juice within the mushrooms.

I’ve decided on one mushroom each (about A$1.50), toppings of leeks, tomatoes, ham mixture n grated cheese.


Spray a layer of canola oil onto a plate to sit the mushrooms.


Start to pile as much as you’d wish into the mushrooms,


Into the toaster oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes.


Ting! Goes the toaster oven, n breakfast is ready. Start to plate up.


Dig in n indulge – so good! Pure n nutritional! Yumzz! 😁😁😁happy day!

Easy – taste real pure, non oily, almost clear n filling. Cheers


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