A potpourri

It started off as chicken soup, but I was also clearing the fridge too so it ended up as a potpourri of all types of ingredients that would combine well with a good chicken stock. Here goes:

IMG_20160418_130816an interesting architecture of blending a new modern building on top of a conserved old brewery 

Of chicken soup


Chicken carcasses 3@$1.50/- from g’QV market with ginger slices for a strong chicken soup base.

Soon, I wanted a more robust soup, so added

IMG_20160418_123721.jpgleeks n pumpkin to be added to soup

IMG_20160418_123852boiling chicken bones with ginger slices, leeks n later pumpkin

IMG_20160419_205405.jpgI noticed I had lots of seaweed n boxthorn fruits that will sweeten the soup further n added that too.

IMG_20160419_173034.jpgFinally, wanted some green to be added n decided on hard veg such as broccoli.

IMG_20160419_211653.jpgChinese cooking wine is added too!

A robust potpourri of chicken based soup is ready! All natural ingredients – Yummy n enjoy!



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  1. ahgoodfood says:

    Reblogged this on ahgoodfood and commented:

    Throw back a year… do you agree that making tasty food is all due to availability of ingredients? The fresher the ingredients, the tastier the combi of food. I do believe in balancing the taste of salty, sweet, and sour to bring up the flavour.
    In this potpourri, even if it’s clearing fridge, it’s the right balance and combi of ingredients that will make the dish presentable and palatable. Enjoy, cheers!🤔🤓😇


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