Fish head curry

It’s father’s day today, instead of rushing with the crowd to eat out, we’ll just cook in. Its should be something delicious, spicy n healthy. How about a pot of fish head curry.


Prep the ingredients

I’ll select a pair of halves red snapper head, and lots of types of vegetables that’s available in the fridge.


Prep the vegetables

1) Wash and cut the vegetables ~ long beans, lady’s fingers (okra), eggplants (brinjals), tomatoes, cabbages.

2) Since I have some soya bean sheets, I shall toast them as toppings on the curry. These bean sheets will be crispy n will add another dimension when slurping the curry gravy. They will also can soak up the curry gravy.

3) Boil up the curry gravy!IMG_20160619_113743

4) Once boiling, add in the 2 fish heads.


5) Dish out the cooked fish head.

6) Add all the vegetables into the curry.

7) Serve up both fish head n vegetables n curry.

8) Top up with crispy bean sheets n brown rice.

9) Father’s day fish head curry is ready to be served! Oh yeah.😍😍😍😍



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