chic chop

Son is reporting into camp again, I should cook something delicious n nutritional to last the whole week!😘😘 Β He said the army feeds him well in camp so there’s really nothing to worry about.


chicken chops

1) Defrosted 4 pieces of boneless chicken thighs.

2) Washed n paper towel dry the chicken pieces.

3) Marinated 4 pieces of boneless chicken thighs with cinnamon, tumeric powder besides the usual salt n pepper. let them rest for 1 hour.


4) In the mealtime, clean 2 potatoes n skin off. Cut into wedges. Deep fry n sprinkle paprika powder on them.


5) Prepare onion rings ~ I used flour, milk powder, n some baking powder n whisk into a batter using some fresh milk. Also I added some bread crumbs into the batter n dipped the onion rings into the batter. I also deep fry in small pan of oil.

6) Now, I started cooking the chicken pieces with out adding any oil, I fried in the non stick Korean “happy call” frying pan. The chicken pieces oozes the water content n oil from the skin. After a while, when chicken pieces appeared almost cooked (change in color), I added carrot sticks.

With the lid of the frying pan closed, the chicken pieces n carrot sticks cooked simmered in its oil n liquid contents making the chicken pieces moist.



7) I started plating up.


8) After rinsing the tohmiow beans veg, I stir fry in same pan using the chicken oil n zapped up all the gravy left over from the chicken pieces.


9) Continue to plate up.

10) Chicken chops, potatoes wedges, onion rings, n tohmiow veg ready for serving. I’d serve with a cool glass of iced cold fresh coconut juice! Cheers ~ 😎😎😍😍!!






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