Short ribs stew

Time for some ribs, son in the army exercises too much so some extra protein will do him good! Haha🍽 🍴🔪

Let’s admire some bouquets first🤓🤓


Prepare ingredients – short ribs being defrosted.

Wash n cut up the vegetables – ginger, bay leaves, potatoes, carrots,celery, onions, cauliflower

As I had some peppercorns n Sherry handy, I shall use them in the stew too.


First, I like to brown the meat to seal in the juices.


In the same pot, start adding in ginger slices, chopped onions n sauces ( I used dark soya sauce, fish sauce, n some sugar) n 2 small bowls of water enough to cover the ribs.


Over low fire stew for 1 hour till meat falls off the bones – if pressure cooker is available, using it would save half the time.

Start adding vegetables in this order, carrots n potatoes first.

Then add in celery n finally cauliflower.

I started plating up.

Beef short ribs ready for serving. Enjoy!😍😍😍



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