Cod in Cork

Hi there! Travelled 13 hours, transited in Heathrow n we have arrived in Cork Ireland. Getting really excited to check out the Cork English Market. Almost there, took a double decker bus downtown n here we are! It feels surreality to hear those Irish accent n Viking kinda looks, am I really here?


Whoa – a very lively market! Fresh produce – hmmm happy that daughter will have seriously good food during her stay here, n the prices are great too.

My focus today will be fish, fresh ocean caught Cod that’s so very expensive in Singapore! It’s fresh this time, not frozen. Here goes – n a very friendly fish monger – he’s a pro this one!

Home we go, after buying lots of other food n hard to find Asian staples.

So let’s get started – can’t wait to sink my teeth into fresh ocean cod fish.🤓🤓🤓


As we do not have much spices in the Airbnb, I’ll just make do with whatever ingredients handy. So it’s just salt n pepper to season the fish fillets. Since I have lemon, tomatoes and bunch of organic rocket, watercress n baby spinach.😇😇


Voilà it’s easy – so after washing the mixed veg salad and drying, I start to plate up whilst the fish fillets are being pan fried. Added some balsamic vinegar n olive oil to dress the veg. After the fish been fried, just top onto the vegetables. I continue to fry the tomatoes abit.

Made some mushrooms soup n pan fried butternut squash to go with the cod fillets! What a feast – a wonderful combination!

Dinner is served! Cod in Cork -how wonderful – enjoy with us! 😄😄😄




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