Assam stingray curry

Although severely jetlagged, having spent last 3 weeks touring Cork, Paris n London, I staggered up from deep sleep to cook dinner. We’ve been missing sweet, sour, hot n spicy fish dish to be eaten with steamed rice, n we missed rice dearly too. A bowl of white rice in London sold for between £2 to £3! (≈S$3.50 to $4.50).  And, I devoured 3 1/2 bowls at one go during a meal in London’s Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. haha 😝😝😛



Fish curry powder, Assam, salt, sugar, ginger, garlic, onion, dried chilli’s, okra (ladies fingers), eggplants (brinjal), tomatoes n Stingray fish, water.


Prepare ingredients

1)Soak the Assam seeds in water, after a while, squeeze the juice from the Assam pulp n use only the juice without the seeds n pulp.

2) Chop ginger n garlic. Cut up onion.

3) Wash n cut eggplants, okra n tomatoes.

4) Wash n prep Kaffir leaves, curry leaves, n dill since I had them readily available from the garden


Start cooking

1) Pour some oil into wok. When sufficiently hot, add fish curry powder,  chopped ginger n garlic n fry till fragrant. Add in the curry leaves, Kaffir leaves n dill to fry altogether.


2) Pour in the Assam juice, n add in the stingray fillets piece by piece. Ensure there’s enough Assam juice to cover the stingray fillets. Squeeze out additional Assam juice if insufficient.

3) Add in cut tomatoes, eggplants n okra. Add in salt n sugar. Cook till gravy is reduced.


4) Taste n if all cooked, n gravy reduced n thicken, start serving.



Assam stingray curry is served!  Enjoy…. 😛😛😛


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