Curry chicken w purple rice

Tonight’s dinner, gotta be appetising ~ sourish? n spicy n colorful! Got it, why not yogurt curry chicken served with purple steamed rice. Colorful ~ Purple? sounds like street art in cooking.



I skinned the chicken n chop into bite size.  Curry powder, coconut milk, yogurt = essential, onions, ginger, tomatoes, potatoes n cabbage = optionals.

1) In a pot, heat up some oil. Add in the curry powder, onions n ginger slices.

2) Fry till fragrant. Add in chopped chicken pieces. If too dry, add in some water n simmer the chicken in curry gravy mixture. Let the chicken take in all the curry flavor whilst simmering.


3) When chicken is cooked, add in yogurt n coconut milk.


4) Cover with lid, let it cook a bit, then add in potatoes, tomatoes n cabbage in this order. Add a bit of water if curry mix is too thick.


5) By now, curry is almost done. In another pot, or rice cooker ~ cook rice with purple water. The purple water is gotten from boiling purple sweet potatoes earlier. Of course, steamed white rice will do too.


Yogurt spicy curry chicken is served with purple rice ! Enjoy…😛😜😝




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