Soymilk fishhead beehoon

Bought a whole mackerel fish the other day n since we’ve been missing milky fish beehoon, decided to use the head n most of the fish boney parts for a soymilk based beehoon (thick white noodles). Making full use of the whole mackerel. 😋😋

Example of making whole use n transformation to be useful, in Notting hell 😘 😜, London recently. 😀😀



Chopped fish head n bones, Choy sum veg, tomatoes, ginger, soya milk (unsweetened), chicken stock, beehoon (white noodles).


Prepare ingredients

Marinate fish with salt n pepper, and coat with corn flour. Chopped up ginger, sesame oil n fish sauce to be used later.


Wash n boil beehoon, once boiled, serve into bowls.

Fry the chopped fish pieces, dish up aside.

Prepare the stock ~ In the same wok used for frying the fish pieces, fry ginger with sesame oil. Then you could use water and or chicken stock for soup. Add in soymilk for added taste.

When soup is boiling, add back the fried fish to further boil the fish bones. Till bubbling, scoop up the fish to be served on the beehoon.


Also scald the vegetables 8n the same soup, if soup dries up, add water. Dish up the vegetables onto the noodles in bowl.


When time to eat ~ ready the soup once more, reheat n pour onto the noodles to serve.😍😍😍 Soymilk fishhead beehoon for you, enjoy! C’est bon! 🐟🐟🐟



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