Pork ribs mushrooms noodles

Been wanting to emulate those wonton noodles, and garnish heavy with ribs n mushrooms ~ home style n I did it ~ this evening! Verdict from my 2 loyal ‘customers’ ~ fantastically gooood! They are ate up every bit n licked the bowls clean. 🐸 πŸ‹


Bought 3 (Hong Kong) egg noodles @S$ 0.60 each. Choy sum vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, BBQ roasted pork ribs.


1) Soak the dry shiitake mushrooms, preferably boil them in soya sauce | oyster sauce gravy for the mushrooms to soften n fatten up with taste.

2) Boil a pot of water to cook the noodles al dente.


3) Over 3 fire on the stove, I cooked the noodles one at a time.

4) In pot of boiling water, I blanched the choy sum vegetables.

5) In a small frying pan I cooked the gravy of chopped garlic n ginger in sesame oil n added soya sauce n water. Also added chilli paste into gravy mix n what’s left from cooking the shiitake mushrooms gravy.


6) Start plating ~ place the cooked noodles onto individual bowl n mix the gravy with noodles. Then apportion into each bowl vegetables, mushrooms n ribs.


Yummy home cooked aka “wonton”noodles with lots of BBQ pork ribs, multiple shiitake mushrooms, n plenty choy sum vegetables ready for feasting! chomp..chomp..chomp till bowl is cleaned up. Thank you for positive feedback ~ you hungry n loyal customers. πŸ™„ 😌





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