Simply porridge combi

What’s for lunch?

This afternoon our lunch shall be purple sweet potato porridge combined with steamed red snapper fish and home made yong tow foo.


Prep of red snapper

After washing the fish pieces, I marinated with salt, pepper n tumeric powder.


In the meantime, boil water in wok ready for steaming fish.


When water is boiling, placed fish into wok for steaming.

After it’s cooked, transfer to serving plate. Discard fishy water.


Prepare gravy for fish n topping. For gravy, I used a small pan to fry chopped garlic n ginger in sesame oil, add light soya sauce n water to make gravy in the small frying pan.

For topping to the fish, I chopped small cucumber into cubes n also 1 tomato into cubes. I poured the sizzling gravy onto the topping. Fish is ready for serving.


Prep n cooking of yong tow foo.

Bought $1 fish paste n added minced pork to the fish paste. Then I mixed them together n inserted sandwich style into sliced eggplants n de~seeded okra. Pan fried in little oil. The oil gets zapped up fast by the eggplants, I usually add some water at this stage to continue till cooked.


The yong tow foo ready to be served.

Lunch is served

Lunch combi of sweet potato porridge, steamed red snapper n yong tow foo is ready . Enjoy! 🕦 🕛 🕧



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