Chicken green curry

Chicken, eggplant, cabbage green curry with tumeric rice.

I used to be not able to cook during my work life, n would be amazed at how well others could, like when we had Indonesian / Philippines helpers, young as they were, they cooked so well.

Since then, especially during my stint in Melbourne, with no help on hand n with lots of qualitative ingredients around (at the Queen Victoria market), I began to take an interest in cooking n have come a long way now.

So the moral of my story today is with will of time n availability of ingredients all dishes will turn up good n delicious.

20161020_185220-collageroad to discovery of a reasonable cook

Today’s ingredients.

A chicken, washed n chopped. 1 eggplant, half cabbage, 2 carrots, green curry paste, 1 packet coconut cream some curry n kaffir leaves.

Ingredients available

1) Heat up some oil in a wok. Add in 2 tablespoon of green curry paste. Fry till fragrant, add in the chopped cleaned chicken pieces.  Add in curry n kaffir leaves. Fry till half cooked.


2) Add some water to prevent chicken pieces from burning n cover to let it simmer a bit for taste to be absorbed.

3) Add carrots first as they take longest to soften.


4) Add coconut cream n pour water in the empty carton box for another portion of water to be added.

5) Add in eggplants, let it boil a bit.


6) Then add in cabbage, let it simmer a bit till soft.


7) A wok of green curry chicken, eggplants, carrots n cabbage = all in one pot is ready.


8) Serve with turmeric rice, or white rice. Yumzz …enjoy with family n friends.



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