Spiced spaghetti

Today’s dish is very ordinary. So I shall spice n localised it to be extraordinary.  I’ll like to share as I’ve always enjoyed cooking it. It’s very methodical,  my family loves and would slurp it up till plate is cleaned. 🙂

Another thing about it is a one pot dish, with lesser washing of pots. The taste is balanced, with twinge of sour, sweet, tangy, spicy, al dente, crunchy and slurpy.  It’s got carbs, proteins n lots of veg nutrients as well.


a bad hair day in Scotland


Pasta, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, carrots, tomato puree, onions minced pork

1) Boil pot of water,

A) Scald the broccoli for use later.


B) Scald carrots for use later


C) Boil the pasta  till al dente.


2) In the wok, heat up some oil, then fry the onions till fragrant.


3) Add marinated minced pork and fry till the pink turn to white. Pork was marinated earlier with salt n pepper, fish sauce, cinnamon powder.


4) Add in can of tomato puree.


5)  Add chopped scalded carrots.


6)  Add  scalded broccoli.


7) Refill the empty can with water used to boil noodles, carrots n broccoli. Add into wok for more gravy.


8) Plate up, I would add white truffles olive oil to the noodles for added flavor.


9)  Add much gravy mix onto noodles.

10) Intentionally cooked more to keep for another day.


11) A satisfying meal is ready, come eat! I like to spice up with Tabasco and Sun dried sour spicy tomato. Enjoy…



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