Chicken chop set meal

When out for meals, I noticed my son would order western set meals. Since it quite easy to gather the ingredients, I will try to prepare this home version of chicken chops, served with rice instead and lots of greens.😇🤗😎

img_20160911_201225bunches of grapes in the backyard

1) Defrost 3 pieces of boneless chicken thighs. Marinate with salt, pepper, cinnamon and tumeric powder, chopped ginger, garlic and rosemary. Insert the marinate beneath the skin as much.  Set aside in the fridge for at least an hour before use.


2) Set the toaster oven to 200 degrees Celsius and bake for 20 mins each side. For the skin set to 250 degrees Celsius for 10 mins for crispness.

3) Today’s rice I added pandan (screwpines) essence for better flavor.


4) I shall use simplest of greens : cucumber, carrots and tomatoes that do not need cooking and will go well chicken and rice.

5) Dinner for three with proteins (baked chicken), carbs (mixed brown rice) and vegetables is ready.

6) Simplest form of chicken chops rice vegetables for serving, enjoy!😜😝




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