Port fish soup

When we eat out in Singapore, it’s usually looking for healthy and good value meals. Typically we’ll lookout for fish soup. Since we’re free and easy on a Sunday, I’ll try replicate what’s available in the hawkers centre but with oomph, I’ll add Port, a kind of sweet wine to the soup.😂😂

img20161205121820calmness on an early morning walk


Ingredients include batang fish fillet, sliced up and Port.

1)Fish slices marinated with salt, pepper, and ginger. I used Batang fish fillet. 2 types vegetables, cos lettuce and chye sim and tomato. Sesame oil and Port. Beehoon (rice vermicelli) and seaweed.


2) Scald the beehoon in boiling water. I used individualized beehoon for ease of separation.

3) Into each bowl, I added a tablespoon of Port and sesame oil.

4) Boiled the tomato and chye sim and dished onto the bowls of beehoon. I could smell the tinge of Port and sesame oil arising from the beehoon.

5) Fish fillet boiled in soup and added onto beehoon.

6) Add soup onto the beehoon. The soup turned white upon boiling the fish fillets. To make it more milky, I added soya bean milk.

7) Fish soup beehoon soup ready to be slurped up. Lots of oomph too!😘🙄😣


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