I am very much inspired to cook japchae, a stir fried Korean sweet potato noodles dish. This package of noodles had been lugged from the markets of Seoul, although I’m told they are readily available in the supermarkets of Singapore too. When I was living in Melbourne, japchae was one of the must order dishes whenever we went to Korean restaurants. Today, I will try to replicate those memories of japchae.


attended relative’s Korean wedding in Seoul


ingredients: sweet potato noodles, spinach, carrots, eggs, shiitake mushrooms, sesame seeds, sesame oil, oyster sauce, soya sauce

Let’s cook  japchae 😒😌

1) Soak the noodles, shiitake mushrooms separately.


2) Prepare carrots by cutting into stripes. Wash the spinach.


3) Since I don’t have beef mignon, I shall substitute with roasted pork.


4) In the frying pan, begin to fry omelette. Roll up when cool and slice the omelette to be used later.

5) In a smaller pot, boil water to simmer the shiitake mushrooms till soft. In the frying pan boil water to use for scalding the carrot slices and the washed spinach.

6) Drain the carrot slices into a bowl. Also drain the spinach into another bowl. Marinate the spinach with sesame oil, soya sauce and sesame seeds. Cut up the spinach to be used later.


7) Now using the frying pan, boil water and boil the noodles till it changes to transparent. When noodles are cooked, season with soya sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil and sesame seeds.

8) Japchae dish is almost ready, now top with mushrooms, carrots, spinach, omelette.

9) It ready for serving as a vegetarian dish without the roasted pork.

10) Else top with roasted pork, Japchae is ready for tasting!

11) It tastes good, it’s bringing japchae memories back! yumz😜😛




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