Eel ramen in Kyoto

Greetings from Kyoto. May 2017 bring you great health from the food you eat, much joy in the dishes you create and sweet love with friends and family members.

This year, my family members are all over ~ in Kyoto, Hong Kong and London based on our holidays schedule. On the eve, 31st Dec 2016,  mom and twin daughters rung in 2017 in the Chion~in temple with 17 monks hitting the heavy bell 108 times of 1 minute interval. Joining the tradition, we que around 10 pm with throngs of folks and witness right on the dot between 11.45pm till new minutes of 2017 the ringing of the bell! So eventful! Happy new year!


We stayed in Shunkoin temple ~ our zen abode with kitchen facilities.


On new year’s day which is also the Japanese start of new year, I kinda knew that eateries would be closed, some taking the chance for a long break having worked hard through the last year. We prepared ourselves by buying some goodies from Tsijiki market in Tokyo. I hand carried them on the super express train, jostling with the crowd rushing home for the new year. It was chaotic as you can imagine throngs of folks rushing into trains with the station master helping to shove crowds into the train. My visuals of the hectic Japanese life is so happening to me right now, haha.


1) Got a package of fresh eel (300yen), spring onions(350yen). Really good fresh deals. I thought it was expensive to live in Japan but this proves me wrong.

2) Wash the eel and spring onion. Marinate the eel with some sauce. (sauce was left behind by other guests).

3) For staples, we got some prepacked fresh ramen from Daimaru in Kyoto town center.

4) On the stove, boil the ramen stock put in the white part of spring onions.


5) When stock is boiling, add in fish (eel), then the noodles, the tofu and finally the Japanese fish cake.


6) Once boiled, it’s ready to dish up. Bowls of eel ramen ready for serving.


7) A fresh start, with fresh ingredients and longevity in eel ramen is ready to serve. Happy New Year.







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