Fish Maw steamboat

Four days soon, we’ll welcome the year of the rooster! Oh yes it’s dong~dong~chiang Chinese New Year 2017 and I can feel the excitement. Although wet and rainy these days due to north east monsoon, there’s much preparation to create a food menu for the great reunion dinner that family members will gather on the eve of Cny.

We had done our reunion dinner during the Xmas holidays when my kids were back home (except for one touring Europe) so now it’s sharing with you all the making of fish maw and how I’ve used in steamboat (hotpot).


Witnessed the welcome of 2017, 17 monks combined their strength to chime the massive bell 108 times in Kyoto Chion~In temple.


1) The main ingredients are dried fish maw (swim bladder) readily available during the festive season and minced pork. Wash the fish maw with hot water, squeeze out the hot water to rid the oil used in frying up the swim bladder.


2) Marinate the minced pork with five spice, salt, pepper and sesame oil. Chop the onion, ginger and spring onion and mix with the marinated minced pork. Crack an egg into the mixture.

3) Fill the fish maw with the minced pork. I’d use chopsticks to push in like you’d fill into sausages as much of the pork as possible.

4) Steam the fattened fish maw.


5) Once steamed, it’s cooked and ready. Cut into pieces and I’d use as main ingredient for steamboat.

6) For the steamboat, you can combine any other ingredients you fancy. As I was clearing the fridge to go on holidays, I used whatever I had, including shabu~shabu pork slices, batang fish slices, prawns, bee hoon (noodles), fish balls and leafy vegetables. The fish maw soup will surely be very tasty with the addition of all these ingredients. Besides, I had earlier boiled and simmered the broth with the turkey carcass leftover from Xmas eve.

7) An all time favorite, a hotpot of steaming goodies for a family get together, allowing members to chit chat whilst cooking the food and eating together. Its a great reunion ~ fish maw steamboat to welcome the new year! Cheers.



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