Portebello mushrooms

@ The Yarra river, admiring family of ducks.


Picked some portebello mushrooms from the Queen Victoria market in Melbourne and hand carried them back to Singapore. For lunch today, I’ll make use of the fresh mushrooms with some other buys. It’s been a while since I’ve shopped for fresh goodies and I can safely admit it’s fulfilled my retail therapy. Oh yeah! ❤🐮🐓💕

1) Clean the mushrooms with a wet towel. You’d want to retain the juice of the mushrooms, so no need to wash them under running water.


2) Prepare other ingredients, for today  I’ll use garlic, mozeralla cheese to melt onto the mushrooms. Also, I’ll fry some onions omelette, short cut bacon to go with the mushrooms.


3) Bake the mushrooms at 180 degrees centigrade for 20 minutes.

4) Fry the onions omelette, the short back bacon. Smelling good now…the cheese melting on mushrooms, the fried onions and smell of bacon. Can’t wait to dig in.

5) Need to fill the plate with some bread and cheese. Just mushrooms, bacon and egg are not enough for lunch. Glad that I’ve picked up some beautiful cheese, 18 months old cheddar, double brie and blue cheese. Today, blue cheese will work well with the lot.

6) Ready to serve. Can’t wait. A cuppa of coffee will be perfect. Making my day! Cheers to deliciously good food.

7) Oh well…bringing memories of Assuie dining but couldn’t replicate the good weather in Melbourne. Maybe putting on Spotify can help. 👏😜😁👏👏😜😁


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