Ox tail soup

I remember having the Hawaiian ox tail soup, clear and tasty, sold mostly in any Japanese restaurant in Hawaii.  My home recipe today is similar but I’m gonna add in lots of root vegetables to give it more bite. Also the half kilograms of ox tail flew hand carried from Melbourne Queen Victoria market is not enough to feed my family in Singapore.

mama bird guarding egg on wooden ledge

Preparation of the ox tail

1)Use cold water to wash away the blood and trim away any visible fats on the ox tail pieces.

2) In boiling water, boil the ox tail for 5 mins , I’ve added the ginger skin in the boiling water instead of throwing them away.

3) Brown the oxtail in the pan. Also fry the star annaise, cinnamon, cloves for enhanced flavor.


4) Half kg of oxtail, 2 pieces star annaise, 1 cinnamon stick, 3 cloves, bay leaves, slab of ginger.

5) Vegetable roots include carrots and raddish. Adding celery, black eye peas, sugared ginger, sugared orange peel and cilantro roots to enhance  the soup.

6) Whilst the oxtail is being pressure cooked immersed with minimal water, I’ll prepare to chop all other ingredients.

7) The first round of pressure cooked oxtail soup is ready, will now add the root vegetables, celery, orange peel and sugared ginger and balsamic  vinegar to perk the tinge of sourness.

Pressure cooker halves the time

8) Second round of pressure cooking, with everything into the soup. Also added a bit more water the time round.

9) Oxtail soup is ready to serve! It’s smelling great. Sizzling from the pressure cooker has stopped. Serving ….. ump really nice and slurppy.


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