Truffle oil linguine

Today being Good Friday, I shall cook a meatless pasta dinner.  After all, we’ve been having quite heavy meals lately. For once, non meat proteins and carb.

A flowering tree in Bishan park


Linguine, mushrooms, onion, garlic, white truffles oil, rosemary, coriander, mozeralla cheese, chilli flakes. Decided to not use German sausages.



Slice the mushrooms, chopped the onion and garlic, wash the coriander leaves and rosemary. Took the rosemary from the garden.



1) Boil half pot of water. Once water starts to boil, add in half packet of linguine as I was cooking for 3 persons. Let it boil for about 12 minutes till al dente.

2) Drain the noodles, but do keep a bowl of the pasta water for later use. To the dry noodles sprinkle as much truffle oil as you wish. Hmmm, the smell of truffle oil is heavenly. Wish it could be translated in writing.

3) In the empty pot, start with pouring some olive oil. Put in the rosemary twigs and the coriander roots to infuse into the oil.


4) Whilst the oil is heating up, add in the chopped onions and garlic. Hot oil will easily burn the onion and garlic, try to avoid that. When you can smell the fragrance of fried onions and garlic, add in some of the pasta water.


5) Now, add in the sliced mushrooms and stir fry all in the pot.

6) I’ll start to plate up, layers on layers. First the layer of cooked linguine, then sprinkle truffle oil. Top with layer of mushrooms, onions, garlic mixture.

7) By now, it’s ready to be served. Present it with a layer of mozeralla cheese too.

8) Sit back and enjoy! Yummy rubbing tummy. 👏👏


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