Fried udon

It’s Easter Monday, not a public holiday here nevertheless we should go for a walk (blood circulation eh). Since it’s already mid morning and the sun has crept up hot, we’ll head for a shady cool place.

Hello Easter monday

After that hike, I was hungry so headed for the nearest hawkers but they were spring cleaning, of course, it’s Springtime! 😍😍 None of the stalls is opened. Oh well, go raid the fridge at home.


There’s fresh udon, tomato, egg, garlic, vegetables (called prince veg in local dialect) and Japanese bonito tuna flakes. I’ll create something, it’ll be fried udon.


1) In a wok, fry chopped garlic in some oil.

2) Next scoop a spoonful of hot Korean sauce and fry with the garlic.

3) Stir in 2 packets of fresh udon, I’m cooking for 2.

4) Since it’s too dry, add some water.

5) Beat in an egg, and stir fry. If water dries up, continue to add a bit of water to prevent from burning.

6) Add cut tomato and finally the cut vegetables.


7) Serve up in 2 bowls.


8) Top with Japanese bonito tuna flakes.


9) Yeah, fried udon lunch is ready. Yummy! Glad hawkers stalls are spring cleaning.



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