Fried noodles

Always thought it’s no big deal to fry a wok of noodles. How wrong I was, this humble dish of carbs was so challenging to cook, that I was perspiring profusely trying to control the heat, and preventing it from burning or sticking to the base of wok.

What’d staring at? Goat asks @Hays Goat farm



Yellow noodles, kuay teow (flat white noodles), bean sprouts, Chye sim, lap Cheong ( Chinese sausages) , fish cake, chopped garlic, 2 eggs, and chilli sauce, dark soya sauce and sweet sauce.

preparation of ingredients


1) Heat up a wok, pour in some oil, start with frying the sliced sausages.

2) Next, add in chopped garlic and fry together.

3) Since the fish cake is cooked, add this in thirdly.

4) Start to add in the noodles, bit at a time. This is the tricky part, although oily, the noodles tend to clump up or stick and get burnt at the bottom of the wok. I admit that I’ve been too ambitious, to fry one and half kilograms at a go. After all, there’s only 2 of us eating. haha

5) Add in the dark soya and sweet sauces and chilli sauce to the noodles. Do add water at the sides of wok in order to prevent the noodles from burning and also to prevent from sticking onto the base if wok.

6) When noodles are well mixed, create in the center of the wok space to fry the 2 eggs. Sprinkle oil onto the the base of wok, and beat in 2 eggs.

7) Finally, stir in the bean sprouts and vegetables last, to maintain the crunch of both sprouts and vegetables.

8) I respect and admire the ‘chow kuay teow’ hawkers, how they churn up woks of smokey, fragrant and delectable noodles daily. This dish has humbled me, it’s not just the ingredients but the skills and technique of hawkers that has made the fried noodles dish so delicious.


I humbly serve my fried noodles. It tastes great though. 😍😍




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