Sea cucumber

Scientists discover that sea cucumber has many health benefits, such as anti inflammatory, contain antioxidants, can prevent cancer, heals arthritis and gum disease.

It’s not a plant, but an animal living on seabeds. It’s not easily available, and needs much cleaning before it’s edible. The Chinese consider sea cucumber as a delicacy. It’s quite an expensive food.

Cleaned sea cucumber

Today, I shall attempt to braise sea cucumber with pork and vegetables and serve for dinner with a hot bowl of steamed rice.



1) In a pot of boiling water, scald the pork pieces to rid of the scrums.


2) Pick out the pork pieces and throw away the water.


3) In a claypotpot, heat up some sesame oil, fry in the ginger pieces. Then when fragrant, add in the pork pieces.  Top the pork pieces with Chinese 5 spice powder. After the pork pieces are brown,  add some water. Add in bay leaves, 2 pieces cloves, 1 star anaise. Let the pork braise for half hour.


4) Add in onion slices. Also add light dark soya sauces and fish sauce.



5) Let it braise a while, about 10 minutes, add in chopped carrot pieces.


6) Braise for another 10 minute, add sliced sea cucumber.


7) After the sea cucumber been boiled for 10 minutes, add in broccoli. Braised sea cucumber in claypot is ready for serving.


Yummy, a pot of nutritious sea cucumber, pork, vegetables for dinner.  Cheers.



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