Assam poached fish

Instead of fried, grilled or steamed, will try poached fish today. Also for added flavor, will poach with assam to kill the fishy smell and uplift the appetite with  enhanced sourness.

A fresh water stream @ Windsor park


Red bream fish, assam, shallots, tomatoes, sesame oil, pinch of salt, turmeric powder.


1) Soak some assam in water. Marinate the fishes with salt and turmeric powder.

2) In a wok, boil a bit of water, place the 2 fishes onto the boiling water. Cover the wok. The purpose is to cook the fish with the steam.

3) When water dries, pour in assam water drained of the pulps. Also drizzle in sesame oil. Top with shallots, and tomato slices.

4) Dish up soon as fishes are cooked.

Poached assam fish ready for serving.

Reference : Facebook @ ahgoodfood


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