Fried beehoon

Whenever I’m overseas especially in the western countries I’ll miss this dish tremendously. You just can’t find this in Australia,  England or United States.  In Singapore, it’s readily available anytime during breakfast lunch or dinner. Just drop in to the food center and for at least $1/ you’ll be rewarded with a plate of fried beehoon. Beehoon is rice vermicelli in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect. Since it’s so affordable and readily available why am I cooking it today? Simply,  home cooked tastes much better, much healthier and we could eat to our heart’s content.😉😉

Crossing a stream with clear running water


A packet of beehoon,  chicken stock, beans sprout, choy sim, garlic,  carrot,  eggs,  charsiew  (BBQ pork).


Soak the beehoon for 15minutes, wash and cut choysim vegetables,  carrots.  Wash been sprouts,  break eggs into bowl,  chop garlic.


1) In a wok,  heat some oil.  Pour beaten eggs to cook omelet. Dish aside.


2)  Now,  heat up some oil in same wok to fry garlic and carrots pieces.


3)  When garlic is fragrant,  mix in drained (soaked) beehoon. Be ready with the chicken stock by the side,  pour into the wok to prevent beehoon from burning and sticking to base of wok.  Pour in enough to soften the beehoon. As the chicken stock gets absorb by the beehoon,  it will soften.

4) Once beehoon looks soft add in the bean sprouts.  It’s quite a challenge to mix it up. Do it side to side,  churning and tossing the beehoon and sprouts.

5) Next add in the choysim  vegetables.  Similarly churn and toss till well mixed.  Do not overcook the sprouts and choysim vegetables.  I like them crunchy.

6) Now,  add in the omelet slices.  For esthetics,  you can leave the omelet on the top or mix them in.


7) Now,  fried beehoon dish is ready for serving.  Top with bbq  pork (char siew).

Yummy,  now I could have home fried beehoon thru the day.  Breakfast,  lunch or dinner and without the guilt of it being too greasy,  nor too carbs for I have added much vegetables and proteins such as eggs and bbq pork.

This bowl I’ve added 4 chilli padi to spice up.  Hope you can find them.  😈😈😈😈



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