May day lunch


With recently bought fresh salmon belly from Victoria market n tomyam paste from Melbourne Chinatown, it’s time for a family favorite recipe of tomyam salmon belly on this long May day weekend in Singapore.


Tomyam salmon belly beehoon

1) Ingredients used – salmon belly, tomyam paste, eggplants, tomatoes, rocquette veg, beehoon.


2) Prep the ingredients – soak beehoon, wash salmon belly, wash veg, cut the veg.


3) Marinate the salmon belly with tomyam paste.


4) I like to grill / pan fry the belly at this stage to erase the fishy taste n also a more appealing presentation. Here goes –

5) Scald or lightly boil the beehoon n start plating. I like mine al dente. 😘😘😍😍


6) You may wish to plate the fried belly directly onto the Beehoon.


7) Prep the soup simultaneously as you fry the belly.

8) Plate up the eggplants, tomatoes. Pour boiling tomyam soup…

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