Salmon belly



Whenever i visit the fishmongérs in Queen Victoria market in Melbourne, I would scan quickly if they had any salmon belly on offer. Typically it will not take up any display space but hidden in the back  of the freezer awaiting a ‘savvy’ buyer like me. To me, its not only the tastiest part but most nutritional with highest concentration of omega3 content and it’s the cheapest cut of the Fish. The fishmongers know me well by now, and they would merrily go to the back to fetch me the whole 5 kg tray! Oh what a catch – oh yeah!

IMG_20150820_110526.jpg No, salmon belly will not take up valuable display space

There are many ways of cooking salmon belly, like steaming, boiling, baking or frying. So I’ve done all 4 mentioned methods, like steaming as you would with fish (sesame oil, lime juice), or boiling with tomyam kung or baking…

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