Mixed veggies

We’ve eaten a bit much today, started with chicken rice for breakfast. What a luxury to be able to eat chicken rice before hiking in the Macritchie reservoir, and then shared a poke bowl for lunch. Dinner better be light, how about just mixed veggies? 😇😇

Fresh water fishes in Macritchie


Chose 10 types of vegetables including Nai Bai, carrot, raddish, black fungus, garlic, leek, tomato, okra, snap pea, and mung bean noodles (Tang Hoon). As l’m cooking for 2 persons, a bit of each will do. Prepare by washing, soaking and cutting the vegetables.


1) In a wok, heat up some oil. Fry the chopped garlic, add in the white part of leek. Scoop in a dollop of miso and fry all together.


2) Next, add in the carrot and raddish pieces.


3) Fry in the soaked black fungus. Add a bit of the fungus water if mixture is too dry.


4) Also add in the soaked and soften mung bean noodles (Tang Hoon).


5) Add in the okra (ladies fingers).


6) Add the Nai Bai vegetables. Stir all together.


7) Add in the green part of the leek.


8) Lastly, fry in the snap peas.


9) Stir fried mixed veggies is ready for serving. Please join me. Cheers.



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