Fish slices with thick beehoon

Defrosted a slab of batang fish (makeral) late. Was busy outing yesterday at the Thai festival enjoying some retail therapy of Thai foodstuff and jewellery. So dinner was late last night.

was famished, tried to devour anything in sight


A slab of makeral fish, thick beehoon (vermicelli), portion of white part of leek, bokchoy, garlic, ginger, eggs and chicken broth.


1) Slice the slab of fish, marinate with pepper salt, fish sauce and sesame oil.

2) Prepare all other ingredients, Slice ginger, chopp garlic, wash and cut bokchoy. Soak and boil the thick beehoon vermicelli.

3) In a wok, fry the ginger and garlic till fragrant. Add in some chicken broth.


4) Fry the fish slices, add individually so as not to break the shape. Dish out onto plate for use later.

5) In the same wok, reuse all the gravy left by frying sliced fish, add in the white portion of leek. Then add in the boiled vemecelli. Stir in the stock part of bokchoy.


6) Now fry in the leafy portion of bokchoy. If noodles dry up add in chicken broth if available else some water.


7) When all stirred and cooked, plate up. Topping the fried fish slices for esthetics.

8) I did fry each an egg but is hidden by the fish slices. Anyway, fish slices dry beehoon vermicelli ready for serving. Hubby commented it tasted Hongkong street style. Haha, was really quite tasty.


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  1. SauceBox says:

    Good stuff! Looks amazing!! You’ve got my follow. Check out my comedy blog and give it a follow if you like it!


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