Steamed fish, scallops broccoli, spinach.

This summer its freezing cold in San Francisco, but still, I’ll opt for this weather than the open sauna in Singapore.

Friendly cops posing with pony.

For lunch today, we’ll have steamed 🎏 and some accompanying dishes. It’s rare to find steamed fish in San Francisco restaurants, not found even in best Chinatown restaurant.


Bought a red snapper, some scallops from Asian market at the junction of 23rd and Mission street. For veggies, I’ve picked broccoli and young spinach.


1) Wash the 🎏, towel dry and sprinkle salt and pepper. I’ve cut the fish on the belly side so that it’ll stand upright during steaming. Prepare ginger and garlic slices for use in fish gravy.


2) Wash the scallops, set aside. Cut broccoli into florets, slice carrots (orange and purple) diagonally for added color presentation.


3) For the baby spinach, I’ll just break the stems from the leaves as they are tender. Prepare chopped garlic and belachan (dried chilli shrimps paste) for stir fry later.


Steamed fish

1) Boil some water in a pot. When water is boiling, put the 🎏 into the steamer.


2) As the fish is quite thick, I’ll steam for about 20 minutes, once the flesh and eyes turns white, fish is cooked. Off the fire. Discard the boiling water.


3) In a wok, heat some sesame oil, add ginger and garlic, fry till fragrant. Pour in 2 tablespoon of light soya sauce. Add 2 tablespoon of water. When boiling, use as gravy pour over fish. Top fish with chopped cilantro. Steamed fish, Cantonese (or Hongkong style) us ready for serving.


Scallops broccoli dish

4) In another pot, boil some water, throw in the scallops. Once boiled, dish out the scallops one by one. Set aside.


5) Using the same pot of boiling water, scald the broccoli florets, then the sliced carrots. Dish out and arrange on plate as if for serving.

6) Top the center with cooked scallops. In a wok, heat some oil, fry chopped garlic and ginger. Add 2 tablespoon oyster sauce, add 2 tablespoon water, some corn flour if you prefer thick gravy. Pour gravy onto dish.


Stir fried spinach

7) In a wok, heat some oil, fry chopped ginger and garlic, add in a teaspoon of belachan paste. Fry till fragrant. Add in the washed spinach. Lightly stir fry till cooked.

8) Serve the spinach.


Ok come eat! Daughters and hubby, lunch is served. Enjoy 😍😍😍😍.

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