Bazhang in SF – 2

Yes, here again, it’s Memorial weekend, there’s a carnival just downstairs and the parade is at full blast. Hold on, wait for me 😎 I’m half way making bazhang.

Memorial day parade passing by Bryant Street

This year, orders are on que for my bazhang since the first tastings last year. Friends and family love them. Haha.


Once again, my hand carried ingredients travelled 8000+ miles, passed through USA customs and made it! I picked up 1.8lbs (approx. 1kg) pork shoulder from across 24th Street butcher. C’mon, when are you gonna standardized to metric system. Some traditions just won’t change.😊😊

1kg glutinous rice, bamboo leaves, strings, 5 spices powder, sweet winter melon pieces, chestnuts, dried shrimps flew 8000+ miles.


1) Upon return from San Francisco symphony concert last night, marinated pork with lots of salt, oyster sauce, 5 spices. Soaked leaves, strings, shitake mushrooms, rice, chestnuts.

Daughters brought us, my first symphony concert

2) Chop garlic, cut winter melon strips, drain the rice, cut off the stems from mushrooms, cut off red skin of chestnuts.

3) Add chopped garlic, 5 spices, lots of olive oil onto drained soaked rice, stir to mix.

4) Boil a pot of water, on standby to boil bazhang once wrapped.


I find it a whisk to make bazhang here in San Francisco even thou I’m not in my kitchen. Adaptability is key, substitution of ingredients, devices and the good weather make it all easy. No sweat! πŸ˜‡πŸ€—πŸ€“

1) Get organised, hang strings above sink, have all ingredients within reach.

2) Pick 2 leaves, make it cone shape, fill in a spoon of 🍚, pick a piece of chestnut, a piece of pork, a piece of mushroom, spoon few sweet melon pieces, few dried shrimps. Top with 2 tablespoon of 🍚. Flap the leaves over to make it into triangular pyramid. Tie up using the strings. Eureka, it’s done!πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

3) Into the pot of boiling water, boil bunch of bazhang for 1 hour. Ensure all bazhang fully submerge in boiling water.


4) Can’t wait, ok cooked, I’ll be the first taster. Ok subtle taste, not overwhelming. Hmm, love the olive oil taste, the sweet (melon) and saltish (shrimps), balanced. And the garlicky​ smell, so good. And balanced texture of soft mushroom, bitey chestnut and fragrant rice. All coming together – yummy.



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