Butternut squash

Something light amidst the heavy dining, rice dumplings, free flow steaks… we’ll have just butternut squash, fried with leftovers from the rice dumpling (aka bazhang).




1) In a wok, heat up some oil. Fry the leftovers pork sliced thinly, mushrooms thinly sliced, dried shrimps, those pieces of winter melon strips. Even the leftovers chestnuts.


2) Pour in the water gravy used to soak the dried shitake mushrooms.


3) When boiling, throw in the butternut squash.

4) There’s leftover broccoli and scallops from the other day, let’s use them too.

5) Nothing gets wasted in my kitchen, here I present stir fried butternut squash ready for serving. Cheers 🤗🤗.


Have a nice day.




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